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From the most fertile soils in Hungary to our boutique Brooklyn spa, we bring you the most enriching, nourishing herbs and fruits through our organic ilike skin care line. Our spa is tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn and offers the most invigoratingly nourishing treatments in a private, cozy and relaxed setting. We use two main product lines in our treatments which are the ilike line and the hydro peptide line. Both lines are specially formulated with the gentlest yet most potent combinations of herbs and fruits to nourish the skin and engender wellbeing and improved health for your skin at a cellular level.

We offer the best facials in a cozy, relaxing environment

At Anor Spa, we specialize in a variety of different services including waxing, body wraps, and facials. We offer painless Brazilian waxing using the elite Lycon’s Azulene and Lavender hard waxing system. Our techniques are in keeping with the highest standards within the beauty care and spa industries and we never double dip our wax for the safety and health of our clients. In addition we have an award winning reputation of offering the best facials and most aromatic treatments in a calm, relaxing and soothing environment. You may select from a wide variety of different treatments including the microdermabrasion facial, deep cleansing facial, healing Rosacea facial, regenerating facial with LED light therapy and many more holistic and organic treatments. Anor Spa offers holistic treatments using all natural, organic lines in a cozy and welcoming environment. You will enjoy the escape of a relaxing and soothing massage or facial with our unique and delectable treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment (718) 483-1403 or email us for more information.